Would all the other races be chased out of Malaysia?

The shadow cabinet formed by Perikatan Nasional (PN) gave a general perception that this nation is only made up of one race.

The others, be it Chinese, Indians, Kadazans or the Ibans have no place and would be chased out of this country.

This is the message read and understood by the public when they saw PN’s shadow cabinet list the day before yesterday.

We don’t know what is PN’s true motive that they are trying to deliver via the shadow cabinet.

ls it a technicql error or was it done purposely and supported by Bersatu, Pas and Gerakan?

Doesn’t Gerakan which is in the coalition understand the position of the multiracial communities who contributed to the political and economic stability of this nation?

To claim it as a mistake, PN is led by a former prime minister. There are many former ministers as well as a former special envoy to the Middle East who was equivalent to a minister

Surely they understand that the multiracial communities in Malaysia have lived in harmony all these years.

If this is PN’s stand, the various communities would be chased out of this country when they come into power.

This is the perception we have when we see PN’s shadow cabinet. Do we want this to happen to our country?

We are confident that this is not our dream. We accept the fact that Malaysia is multiracial but PN doesn’t accept this reality.

PN wants to implement what was agreed upon in the constitutions of Bersatu and Pas that other races have no right to lead this nation, instead they can be led only.

Such approaches puts the non Malay communities as it makes them feel unwelcomed.

Is this what we want for our nation when political and economic stability are key factors for the development and prosperity of a nation?

If PN does things according to their whims, our nation would be taking a reverse approach which would threaten its stability.