Green light for two new parliament constituencies in Sarawak

The federal government is believed to have given its green light for the creation of two new large parliament constituencies in Sarawak.

The two new constituencies would be in Miri and Hulu Rajang.

“The latest situation based on the information I have is that the existing parliamentary constituencies of Miri in northern Sarawak and Hulu Rajang in central Sarawak will be re-delineated soon,” said Sarawak PKR adviser Dr Michael Teo, reported The Vibes.

“Each of them will be divided into two constituencies, meaning that the Miri district will have two parliamentary seats and Hulu Rajang district will also have two seats.

“So far, these two areas have been tentatively approved while discussions are pending with other seats,” he said.

More precisely, the state constituency of Senadin and Kuala Baram industrial area would form a parliament constituency.

It would be carved out of Miri.

A huge population of 370,000 in Miri is the reason why a new constituency is carved out here.

A new parliament constituency is needed in Hulu Rajang due its vast size of 35,000 sq km.

Sarawak is made up of 82 state constituencies and 31 parliament constituencies.

Calls to increase Sabah and Sarawak seats at the federal level so that it makes up one third of the total seats have been made periodically.