Farhash denies allegations of bribing lawmakers to support Anwar

7-Eleven Malaysia Holdings Bhd chairman Datuk Farhash Wafa Salvador denied accusations that he is among the individuals responsible to gain support for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ibrahim by offering bribe or threatening opposition lawmakers.

“I strongly deny the false and baseless allegations against me. I have no knowledge of those allegations made by Wan Fayshal

He said this in response to Machang MP Wan Ahmad Fayshal Wan Ahmad Kamal who is also Bersatu’s youth wing chief earlier today.

In the press conference earlier today. Wan Ahmad Fayshal alleged that Farhash is one of the two individuals who either bribing or threatening the oppositions to support the prime minister.

To date, four MPs from Bersatu have declared their support.

In addition to that the former political secretary of Anwar said that he was being used by Wan Fayshal as a political tool.

“The defamatory accusations were made with bad intentions and without evidence.

“Wan Fayshal has made me a political tool to spread false rumours for his own interest.”

Farhash further pointed out that he has been inactive in politics and concentrated on his life as a businessman.

“I would be lodging a police report to enable the police to investigate and take further action against Wan Ahmad Fayshal.

“I also reserve my right to file a defamatory suit against him,” he said