Deal brokered for freeing hostages in return for pause on war

Hamas have agreed to free dozens of women and children hostages in exchange for a five day pause of the ongoing war.

The release could happen in the next few days and mark the first pause on the conflict in Gaza.

The deal brokered by the US is a detailed six page agreement called for all parties to the conflict would freeze combat operations for at least five days while an initial 50 or more hostages are released in smaller batches every 24 hours.

The total number of hostages to be released is unknown.

The outline of a deal was put together during weeks of talks in Doha, Qatar among Israel, the United States and Hamas, indirectly represented by Qatari mediators, according to Arab and other diplomats, reported Washington Post.

The Israeli Embassy in Washington declined to comment.

Pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is mounting since calls for safely regain the hostages are mounting while on another side there are calls for the offensive to be continued.