Israel – Hezbollah conflict intensifying

A secondary conflict involving Israel and Lebanon based Hezbollah is intensifying even as Tel Aviv continue waging war against Hamas.

Initally the strikes were within four to five mile range of the border. Yesterday Israeli air force struck an aluminium factory in Nabatieh – a town 12 miles away from the border.

The intensity is also in the fire power used by both sides. Israel has started sending fighter jets and Hezbollah is deploying drones and heavy caliber missiles.

The last time Israel clashed with Hezbollah was in 2006 led to 1200 Lebanese and 165 Israelis dying.

The current clashes began around the same times as the Israeli airstrikes in Gaza on October 7 with Hezbollah firing shellsinto Israel occupied Lebanese farmland.

Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah in speeches indicated Hezbollah merely wants to divert Israel along the northern border in their bid to aid Hamas.

In a related development, there are efforts undertaken to broker a deal so that Hamas frees hostages in return for a pause in war.