Fadhlina apologises over controversy in Tamil school

Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek apologised over the controversy involving an event on Tamil school as it was unprecedented.

“This should not have happened. I am deeply disappointed and tender my apology to the Indian community.

“It was unintended and unprecedented. Due action has been taken against the official,” said Fadhlina while winding up the committee stage debate on the budget allocation for the Education Ministry.

She added that both the songs would be performed at Penang state government’s Deepavali open house this month.

Recently controversy sparked off when a Tamil school in Penang was not allowed to sing a song related to the Tamil community and another related to Hindus.

In addition to that the portrait of philosopher Thiruvalluvar was not allowed to be placed during that event in the school by certain officials.

The issue was raised by three government MPs P Prabakaran (Batu), RSN Rayer (Jelutong) and R Yuneswaran (Segamat).

In welcoming the apology, Rayer alluded to his former party leader, P Ramasamy.

“Now we can tell the Indians there is no need to establish a new party to represent Indians. We will support the prime minister.”

Ramasamy was Penang DAP deputy chairman. He however quit prior to the state polls after being dropped from the polls. Yesterday he formed a party called Urimai to champion the rights of Indians.

Prabakaran meanwhile urged the ministry to be sensitive with the religious needs of the Indian community who are mostly Hindus.

“This isn’t the first time this happening. In some schools, the usage of holy ash also are being prohibited. Please allow traditional practices,” he said.