Match development allocation for Penang backbenchers with Selangor

Air Putih assemblyman Lim Guan Eng has called upon the Penang government to match development allocation for the state backbenchers with their counterparts in Selangor.

“Since the state is reported to be performing well financially, I don’t see any reason why the allocation for government representatives cannot be increased to provide more benefits to the rakyat,” Lim said while debating the state’s supply bill.

“Plus, this increment is necessary as a sign of gratitude to Penangites for their undivided loyalty and support for the unity government,” added Lim who is also a former chief minister of Penang.

In the state polls held in August, Pakatan Harapan won 29 out of 40 seats it contested.

Lim who is also Bagan MP said Penang state backbenchers should not be losing out constituency development allocations to Selangor.

“It is okay if we lose out to Selangor in terms of allowances and rewards given to elected representatives; let us not lose to them in terms of development allocations.”