MIPP – from the womb of PN

Yesterday the Malaysian Indian People Party (MIPP) announced it would join the federal opposition coalition Perikatan Nasional.

“In line with the mandate given by the delegates in the special general meeting on Nov 23, as well as the unanimous decision by the central committee taken today, MIPP will officially apply to join PN.

“The party is open to, and will work with any political party or leader who prioritises the welfare of the Indian community,” P Punithan told a press conference in Sunway.

Why the need to apply to PN when it actually came from the womb of PN, more specifically from Bersatu itself?

For the uninitiated, Punithan is deputy chairman of PN Indian community national committee.

Congratulations in converting a committee into a full fledged political party, Punithan.

As can be seen in the media reports, the party is made up of Indians who had fled to Bersatu – a Malay Bumiputra party.

MIPP provides a platform for Indian voice to be in the opposition coalition.

The following would somewhat be the pros and cons for PN.

While the party is still new and has not gone through its baptism of fire in an election, the advantage it has would be the 20 percent Indian votes that went to PN during the state polls in six states.

Now, the con for MIPP.

PN is made up of Pas, Bersatu and Gerakan.

The public knows how Gerakan is treated by Pas and Bersatu.

Chances are high for MIPP to also receive the same treatment.

Again, going back to the state polls Bersatu fielded bad options in seats meant for their associate Indian members.

What guarantee are there for MIPP to really have their representation in the legislative assembly at the state and federal level?