Give forensic team space to probe cyberattack

Human Resources Minister V. Sivakumar has urged all parties to give the internal forensic team space to complete its investigation on the cyberattack that targeted the infrastructure and image of the Social Security Organisation (Socso).

In a statement last night, he said the ministry calls on the public to halt all baseless speculations being circulated on social media as it not only clouds the situation but could also create unrest.

“This is to safeguard Socso’s function, as an agency that provides social protection services, not to be jeopardised by these cyber attacks.

“The ministry once again gives its assurance that no one will escape the law if they are found to be the mastermind of the December 2 incident,” he said, adding that the attack was successfully foiled through recovery efforts and mitigation measures are currently being implemented.

Sivakumar said the ministry has also collected forensic evidence and handed it over to the authorities to block any further hacking.

The process includes examining possible elements of commercial crimes that led to the disruption of Socso’s system, database and website.

On December 8, Socso guaranteed that its system, database, and website, which had been hacked last Saturday, would not disrupt services to contributors, employers and the public.

The organisation said that all payments of interest, compensation and disability pension due to contributors and heirs involved will still be paid out as scheduled.