Politicians, MPs need to learn to be polite

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has called upon politicians, especially Members of Parliament to learn to be polite from the public.

“They asked critical questions but it was done politely because they have values and morals,” he said in reference to the dialogue session of the Madani government’s One-Year Anniversary Programme in Bukit Jalil National Stadium held yesterday where members of public questioned him on various issues.

“Members of Parliament should learn from them how to be polite

“At times with the powers they have and the use of social media, they have acted in an extreme manner,” he said today.

He also spoke about another question regarding the Madani concept was only for Muslims.

For instance there are similarities between Al Kahf in Al-Quran and also the story about The Cave mentioned in the Bible.

“Now people will say I have equated the Al-Quran to the Bible.

“This is what I say extreme thinking, without properly understanding to the context.

“They say Anwar equates all religions so he can’t accepted as a leader,” he said, adding that he quoted from the Bible, Thirukkural and Confucius equally.

He said this while addressing the Prime Minister’s Department staff earlier today.