The Russia – Ukraine war will continue until Putin achieves his objectives

Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed that the Russia Ukraine war will continue until he achieves his objectives. Only after that can peace resume.

“There will be peace [in Ukraine] when we achieve our objectives”. Those “objectives do not change,” he said, reported BBC.

He said the above in a four hour programme where he fielded questions from Russian and international media.

The objectives he was referring to are “denazification, demilitarisation and its neutral status”.

He also clarified that Russia has 617,000 troops in its military campaign in Ukraine.

This is aside from 300,000 new recruits and 486,000 voluntary contract soldiers.

“The stream of our men who are ready to defend the interests of the homeland with weapons in their hands is not diminishing,” he said.

“Altogether there will be just under half a million men by the end of this year. Why do we need a mobilisation?” Putin added.

Taking on another question on Ukraine’s success in Russian occupied east bank of Dnipro River, he belittled it.

“I don’t know why they are doing it, they are pushing their people to get killed, it’s a one-way trip for Ukrainian forces. The reasons for this are political, because Ukrainian leaders are begging foreign countries for aid.”

“Today Ukraine produces almost nothing,” he said.

“Excuse my vulgarity, but everything is being brought in as a freebie.

“But those freebies could run out at some point. And it seems that they are gradually running out.”