Support for Hamas has risen in the West Bank

Support for Hamas has risen in the West Bank since the war in Gaza Strip began.

Centre for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah found that support for Hamas in the West Bank had more than tripled.

Meanwhile, support for the West Bank’s ruling party, Fatah, had dropped significantly, reported the BBC.

More than 90% of respondents thought Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas should resign.

While the support is rising, it however has not turned into a full blown resistance.

“People hesitate to come when Hamas calls for demonstrations, because there is a clear security price to be paid from the Israeli response,” said Raed Debiy, a political scientist and youth leader in Fatah.

“People have lost hope in political parties,” he added.

Others interviewed said that Hamas did not organise itself well in the West Bank as it did in Gaza.

Another reason for the uprising not happening in West Bank is because the ruling party in West Bank – Fatah is waiting to dominate a unified Palestinian Authority government.

“It’s very clear that Fatah don’t want any intifada,” explained Raed Debiy, the party youth leader.

“They are still very keen to keep the status quo. But the grassroots of Fatah will not be controlled forever. How can you stay silent under daily assassination, daily invasion, daily violation of settlers – this will definitely lead to explosion.”