Stay on course in the ongoing war, Israel – The Jerusalem Post

A leading Israeli media, The Jerusalem Post called upon the government to stay its course in the ongoing war with Hamas.

“The deaths of the October 7 terror victims and the 164 soldiers who have fallen in the battle to eliminate the Hamas threat and ensure that another October 7 can’t occur must not be in vain.

“Even if the road ahead is long and difficult, we must carry on, hoping that a future generation of Israelis can one day live in peace,” it said in an editorial.

It pointed out that the two main goals that the government had been chanting since the attack on Oct 7 has not been reached as a reason.

The two main goals are erading threats from Hamas and regaining 140 hostages that Hamas has kidnapped.

The editorial piece took note of Israel Defence Forces Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi’s words that it would take months before the IDF arrest or kill Hamas top leaders and many months to finish fighting Hamas.

In thanking the US for the assistance that Israel receives, The Jerusalem Post did not overlook growing pressure from the US.

On the domestic front there is pressure from the movement supporting hostages’ families.