Benefits, welfare and well being of the people is the real benchmark

The benefits, welfare for, and well being of the people is the real benchmark that needs to be achieved, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“I am not one who is easily satisfied with the little success that we have achieved in a short period of time such as the drop in inflation rate to two percent, the lowest unemployment rates and the economic growth that grew and sustained at four percent.

“The real measurement is about the benefits, welfare and well being of the people.”

He said this in his New Year 2024 message that was posted on his social media pages.

He pointed out that while the percentages (of unemployment and inflation) may be low, cost of living and high cost of living must be controlled.

“The uncertainties faced in the recent years is the best guide that we need to work together as a team after establishing a strong political basis,” he added.

He also reminded that these would only serve as an introduction towards the long path towards reforms and one cannot be swayed from that goal.