Opposition lawmakers lack knowledge on public policy

Former federal lawmaker for PJ Utara, Tony Pua criticised the current opposition lawmakers for lacking knowledge on public policy.

“In one of the most obvious things you see today in the parliamentary debates is the near absolute lack of substance among the opposition MPs in debating today,” he said in reference to Members of Parliament.

Pua was speaking in a podcast show by former Bangi MP, Ong Kian Ming called Are We OK?

He said that in response to a question from the host, Dr Ong Kian Ming, who himself is a former MP for Bangi.

Ong had asked how federal lawmakers who are not MPs play their role as responsible MPs.

The episode that premiered last night was titled Sheraton Move, Tun M, Removing Toll, Flaws of Manifesto.

Pua pointed out that the opposition failed to have depth in their debates as it was always single dimensional.

“The topics and issues are always single dimension. It is about race and religion, alcohol and dressing.

“Running a country involves so many other things and all you can talk about is race, using what language, religious issues…

“There is a complete lack of depth among our opposition politicians.

MPs need to understand public office once in office

He also said all lawmakers need to understand public policies once they are elected into office.

“I think MPs in general, both sides would need to invest more in understanding the basics of public policy.

“The general quality of MPs today… they are not elected on the basis of their expertise in public policy.

“That hasn’t been the criteria for voting, not just in Malaysia. It is everywhere.

“It is a typical problem of democracies. Having said that, it is not to say that, we need to change the way of voting.

“Whoever gets voted needs to get themselves up to speed on public policy, economics and on whichever of their interest so that they can go into sufficient depth when the issue is debated.”