PADU – towards fairer distribution of targeted subsidies for Malaysians

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim launched Central Database Hub (PADU) this morning, an integrated database that would pave the way for fairer distribution of targeted subsidies for Malaysians.

While acknowledging the criticism against Padu, he emphasised on the need to digitise the delivery system and a failure to do so would benefit the undeserving.

“The definition of subsidies is ‘handout’, assistance to those in need and for decades this practice remained unchanged in Malaysia, enjoyed by everyone, including non-Malaysians.

“So that is why when Padu is being opposed, I always ask, who are you trying to defend? The foreigners? The wealthiest?

“Because the ones still receiving subsidies are 85 per cent of Malaysians,” he said in his speech at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre here.

The most comprehensive database established by the government to date, it is a system containing individual and household profiles of Malaysian citizens and permanent residents.

Its objective is to provide a safe, comprehensive and near real-time national main database that enables more accurate data analytics to be produced as well as for policy formulation and data-driven decision-making processes, and enable targeted policy implementation to balance the fiscal position.

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