US views Israel’s pullback as a signal towards lower-intensity military ops

Israel’s decision to withdraw some military troops from Gaza appears to signal the start of a shift to lower-intensity operations in the north of the Palestinian enclave, said a US official, reported Reuters.

The Israeli Defense Forces pulled out their tanks from some parts of Gaza City following their announcement to shift tactics and cut back on troop numbers.

“This appears to be the start of the gradual shift to lower-intensity operations in the north that we have been encouraging,” the official said, based on the change that also reflected the success of the Israeli military in dismantling Hamas’ military capabilities there.

Biden spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on reducing the military intensity while protecting civilians at the same time on 23 Dec.

US preferred Israel to choose targeted operations.

The current crisis was triggered by Hamas’ surprise coordinated attack on October 7 where it took 1200 people as hostages.

Israel’s counter thus far has resulted in the deaths of over 21,978 people in Gaza.