‘Israel not a star on American flag’

Israel National Security Minister Itama Ben Gvir reminded the US State Department that his nation is not a star on the American flag.

“Very appreciative of the United States of America but with all due respect we are not just another star on the American flag,” he said on X.

“But first of all we will do what is good for the State of Israel,” the minister said, adding that the “emigration of hundreds of thousands from Gaza” will allow Israeli settlers to return and “live in security.”

He also regarded the US as a “good friend”.

The rebuke came as a result of the US State Department’s denouncement of calls by Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and Ben Gvir.

The State Department said the duo’s comments were inflammatory and irresponsible, reported CNN.

Smotrich, called for Palestinian residents to leave the Gaza strip, making way for Israelis who could “make the desert bloom,” according to Reuters.

Ben Gvir expressed support for resettling Palestinians from the Gaza Strip abroad, declaring that the war presents an “opportunity to concentrate on encouraging the migration of the residents of Gaza”.