Houthi hit US-owned dry bulk ship, no injuries

Houthi forces in Yemen struck the U.S.-owned and operated dry bulk ship Gibraltar Eagle with an anti-ship ballistic missile, U.S Central Command said, Reuters reported.

However there were no reports of injuries or major damage.

US based vessel operator Eagle Bulk Shipping said that it was hit by an “unidentified projectile” while sailing 100 miles off the Gulf of Aden and suffered limited damage to its cargo hold.

“As a result of the impact, the vessel suffered limited damage to a cargo hold but is stable and is heading out of the area,” Eagle Bulk said in a statement, adding that it was carrying a cargo of steel products.

The Iran-backed Houthis who control most of Yemen’s Red Sea coast have been attacking commercial ships in the area, claiming that they are linked to Israel or bound for Israeli ports.

This is being done in support of Hamas.

US and its allied coalition have begin responding with air and sea strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen.