All stakeholders participation required for the successful implementation of PWS

Deputy Minister of Economy Datuk Hanifah Hajar Taib called for the participation of all stakeholders for the successful implementation of the progressive wage system (PWS) pilot project that is scheduled to begin in June this year.

It would be a dry run from June to September.

“This is why the government is rolling out the PWS as a pilot project in June. Industries and practitioners are being briefed on the strengths of its initiatives as its mechanisms must be shared with all stakeholders to understand the extent of employers’ and employees’ readiness.

“The PWS’ introduction is made possible through a critical process of understanding the plight of employees and employers. Government initiatives would run
futile if they are not supported by them,” she said, reported The Sun Daily.

She said this at the “Malaysia Madani: Progressive Wage System (PWS) Conference” with the theme “Empowering Tomorrow’s Workforce Through Revolutionary Wage System” that was held in Ipoh yesterday.

Prgressive wage is being introduced to reform the wage structure and complement existing policies, namely the Minimum Wage Policy, Productivity-Linked Wage System and Collective Agreements.

Malaysian Employers Federation president Datuk Dr Syed Hussain Syed Husman meanwhile stressed on the importance of exiting the middle income trap and enter high income economy.

“We are part of the established tripartite partnership between the government, private sector employers and trade unions to provide a balanced and competitive working environment that is attuned to global requirements.

“Our efforts to establish a better business environment reflects the changing calls to re-examine the wage structure, gender inclusion, and safe and fair work ecosystem.”

Syed Hussain said MSMEs comprise more than 97.4% or 1,173,601 of all registered businesses in the national economy.