Indian NGO grateful over the appointment of new MITRA chair

An Indian NGO leader has expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim over the appointment of the new chairman of Malaysian Indian Transformation (MITRA) Unit’s special committee chairman.

Pertubuhan Kemajuan Generasi Baru founder president Dr Selvendran Krishnan said the appointment signifies the government’s commitment to inclusive representation and and a recognition to the needs of the community.

“Our community has made significant contributions in various fields, including business, education, arts, and sports. However, like any other community, we face unique challenges and opportunities that deserve specialized attention,” he said in a statement

Yesterday Anwar announced the appointment of P Prabakaran (PH-Batu) as the chairman of Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit’s special committee chairman.

Prabakaran replaces R Ramanan (PH-Sg Buloh) who became deputy entrepreneur development and cooperatives minister when Anwar reshuffled his cabinet in December.

“The appointment of a dedicated Member of Parliament Batu P Prabakaran to oversee our affairs signifies the government’s commitment to inclusivity, representation, and the recognition of our community’s needs,” added Dr Selvendran.

Hopeful over newly appointed Prabakaran

Dr Selvendran hopes that the appointment would spur the newly appointed federal law maker to to advocate the interests of the Indian community.

“This appointment holds immense significance for the Indian community, as it provides a dedicated platform for us to engage with the government, voice our concerns, and contribute to the decision-making process.

“It is reassuring to know that our concerns, aspirations, and contributions will receive the attention they deserve through this dedicated representation.

“I am confident that the newly appointed chairman of MITRA will diligently advocate for our community’s interests, ensuring that our contributions are recognized and that our concerns are taken into account in policy-making and legislation.

“By actively collaborating with various stakeholders within the Indian community, we believe that this appointment will foster enhanced dialogue, promote understanding, and create a more inclusive society.”