Russia used Zircon missiles, Ukraine claims

Russia hit Kyiv with the hypersonic Zircon missile last week, revealed a preliminary analysis, said Oleksandr Ruvin, director of the Kyiv Scientific-Research Institute for Forensic Examinations.

“In this case, we see elements that are characteristic of the 3M22 Zircon missile. Parts and fragments of the engine and steering mechanisms have specific markings,” he wrote, Reuters reported.

The Russian defence ministry did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

The Zircon has a range of 1,000 km (625 miles) and travels at nine times the speed of sound, according to Russia. Military analysts have said its hypersonic speed could mean greatly reduced reaction time for air defences and a capability to attack large, deep and hardened targets.

Russia had completed testing Zircon in June 2022.

The use of Zircon in the current war, if confirmed would pose additional challenges to Ukraine’s air defences.