Act now, Bukit Aman, before Julau turns into Wild West

Julau MP Larry Sng wants the police to take action against gangsters who are into illicit activities before Julau turns into the infamous Wild West.

“I don’t wish for this to escalate but if their activities continue in such brazen manner, the authorities from Bukit Aman will need to come down hard on them,” he said on his Facebook page.

He pointed out that he came across local gangsters while visiting Chinese communities who were celebrating Chinese New Year.

“Despite not being injured during the incident, it has since come to my attention how quickly the once peaceful rural town has now resembled that of the Wild West.”

He also said that the gangsters are marking their respective territories.

“Over the course of over a year, the introduction of online gaming, has carved up Sarawak’s cities and towns into various districts controlled by gangsters from different groups.”

He also said that the gangsters are venturing into other illegal activities.

“In Julau, apart from online gaming their illicit activities have expanded to selling drugs, contraband (cigarettes and liquor) to illegal money lending.

“They have forced the local coffee shops proprietors to buy their contraband in Pakan and Julau and have squeezed the profit margins from the shopkeepers.

“Those who resisted were forcefully threatened. In one instance some months ago, “Batu” was sold in public, in Julau town, to demonstrate that they were untouchable.

“I was also informed that some public servants and tuai rumah have also come into debt and are desperate to sell their lands and borrow money to repay these gangsters who are charging them exorbitant levels of interest rate.

“Many of these people can’t afford to repay them and are often threatened by force.”