Knesset vote against unilateral recognition of Palestine

Knesset voted in support of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s declaration to oppose unilateral recognition of the Palestinian state with 99 ayes out of 120.

Their position is that accords with Palestinians must be reached via direct negotiations and not one that is dictated by the international community.

“The Knesset came together in an overwhelming majority against the attempt to impose on us the establishment of a Palestinian state, which would not only fail to bring peace but would endanger the State of Israel,” said Netanyahu.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid who voted in support as well is confident that the United States of America would not recognise a Palestinian state.

“As you know, my connections with the Americans are better than yours, so I checked. There’s no such thing. You invented a threat that doesn’t exist. What are we talking about? There is not one official in the world that suggested unilateral recognition of the Palestinians,” he said.

The declaration was condemned by the Palestine’s Foreign Ministry.

“The ministry reaffirms that the State of Palestine’s full membership in the United Nations and its recognition by other nations does not require permission from Netanyahu,” it said in a statement.

Netanyahu tabled the declaration in the Knesset for a vote following reports that the US and several Middle Eastern nations were preparing a detailed plan for a comprehensive peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians that includes a “firm timeline” for a Palestinian state.

Most Muslim nations including Malaysia recognises Palestine, not Israel.