Sultan Selangor wants 50 percent professionals in local councils

50 percent of local councillors have to be professional and not monopolised by politicians, said Sultan Selangor.

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah emphasised the importance of diligence and responsibility among civil servants, warning against the consequences of being careless and lazy.

“With this measure, it is hoped all the people’s problems and complaints can be better handled through the initiative of going down to the ground.

“I want the local authorities and departments that render services directly to the people such as the Public Works Department, the Department of Irrigation and Drainage and others, to ensure that maintenance of public assets is handled well,” said Sultan Sharafuddin today during his royal address at the opening of the state legislative assembly meeting.

Sultan Sharafuddin said he was worried that if civil servants retained the lazy and careless mindset, the people would continue to bear the consequences.

His Majesty voiced concern that if civil servants persisted with their current mindset, it would be the people who would continue to suffer the consequences.

The Selangor Sultan later reminded the state assembly speaker and members of the Selangor State Assembly to act justly and practice tolerance with each other. He added that they should focus more on matters that bring benefits to the people and development of the state.

“Let us strive to correct any shortcomings, strengthen good relations and goodwill among the people, avoid conflicts, and steer clear of actions detrimental to Selangor, particularly corruption and abuse of power,” said Sultan Sharafuddin.