Inspire youth through literature, says Selangor crown prince

Selangor Crown Prince Tengku Amir Shah emphasized the pivotal role of literature in inspiring and equipping youth with the values and mindset necessary to navigate present and future challenges.

“We can build norms that will guide them. By promoting and enabling intellectual curiosity and respectful bonds between people, we enable the innovation and cooperation they will need to succeed.

“How can we do this? Through literature. Children’s books can transmit knowledge, and also feelings.

“In that way, it serves as a universal language – allowing the exchange of ideas over borders and on equal terms. They focus on the core of the issues.

“In this way, children’s literature spurs open, active, and unprejudiced discussion,” Tengku Amir said in his speech at the opening of the ‘Jom Kita Bincang!’ exhibition at Raja Tun Uda Library in Shah Alam on Monday.

Highlighting the communicative power of children’s books, Tengku Amir stressed their ability to transmit knowledge and emotions effectively, serving as a universal language that facilitates open and unbiased discussions on critical issues.

Expressing his support for the exhibition initiated by the Swedish Embassy in Malaysia, Tengku Amir lauded the project’s promotion of cultural and educational ties between the two nations.

Encouraging ongoing engagement in sustainability, health and social rights, Tengku Amir underscored the importance of active dialogue and the cultivation of values necessary for addressing current and future challenges.

“The importance of such dialogue can hardly be overstated. This is why I support this project,” he added.

Dr. Joachim Bergström, the Swedish ambassador to Malaysia, echoed Tengku Amir’s sentiments, emphasizing the potential of children’s literature in advancing discussions on sustainability, health, rights and social issues.

“Children’s literature can, and must, be about more than just dragons and princesses.

“Sweden’s engagement for human rights and sustainability stands fast. The importance of childhood and education in getting there can hardly be overstated.

“We are very grateful for having been able to work together with all our friends and partners on these issues,” he said in his remarks.

The exhibition, running from Feb 27 to April 10 at the Raja Tun Uda Library in Shah Alam, showcases the transformative impact of children’s literature, drawing inspiration from Sweden’s rich literary tradition.

Graced by Tengku Amir as the exhibition’s patron, the event aims to spark meaningful conversations and equip the younger generation with the tools and optimism needed to address complex societal challenges.