Chinese newspaper headlines on March 3

Sin Chew Daily headlined Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s assurance that government does not take sides in allocating the economic cake.

He said that the government provided substantial aid amounting to RM2.4 billion to the populace in 2023, that 70% of the aid is directed towards indigenous communities, with 15% allocated to the Chinese, and 19% going to the Indian population, at the Bumiputera Economic Congress.

“They do not understand Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and the fact that many indigenous people in Sarawak are still in poverty. If the project is going to benefit the people, we don’t differentiate between whether it is benefiting the Bumiputeras, the Chinese, or the Indians, that shouldn’t be a problem.

“If the project is specifically going to benefit the Bumiputras, that’s wrong and treasonous,” he said.

Guang Ming front-paged a case of human trafficking that involved a Malaysian from Taiwan to Myanmar.

The victim endured brutality and narrowly escaped death twice. during his seven months of captivity.

He and the other victims were referred to as “piglets” for sale.

Agriculture and Food Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Sabu stole the limelight in Nanyang Daily as he pushed for agricultural technical and vocational educational and training (TVET) among students to ensure Malaysia’s food security.

China Press highlighted the case of an assault victim who was slapped a demand of RM300,000 from the assailant who claimed that his family was threatened by the victim.

See Hua Daily headlined grassroot SUPP leaders unhappy over the the rise of sales and services tax to eight percent, effective from March.