Federal – state consensus needed or Malaysia would crumble like House of Cards

Kedah Ruler Sultan Sallehuddin ibni Sultan Badlishah cautioned the state and federal governments to reach a consensus or else Malaysia would crumble like House of Cards.

While political differences should be celebrated, animosity must not, he said in his royal address at the first meeting of the second session of the Kedah legislative assembly.

To ensure that the Malaysian Federation which practices the democratic system functions well, political differences should be celebrated. Meanwhile, political animosity should be limited.

“I believe with the maturity of the menteri besar and the proficiency of the prime minister, this can be achieved.

“Without consensus between the state and the federal governments, Malaysia is akin to ‘House of Cards’… it looks strong, but is actually weak,” His Majesty said, China Press reported.

House of Cards is a British political thriller serial.

The ruler also said that it is vital for the voice of the state to be heard at the federal level.

For the record, the federal government is led several coalitions made up of PH, BN, GPS, GRS whereas the state of Kedah is ruled by Pas from federal opposition bloc, Perikatan Nasional.