Having Chinese in civil service opresses the Malays, says Kedah Umno man

Kedah UMNO Information chief Datuk Shaiful Hazizy Zainol Abidin believes the government’s campaign to encourage the Chinese to join the civil service is a way to “oppress the Malay people.”

“The civil service has been the platform for Malays to compete on a stage of fairness and equity. If this platform is also to be compromised and limited, the Malay economy will suffer,” he said in a statement, See Hua Daily reported.

He was puzzled as to why the government wanted more Chinese to join the civil service when Malaysian Chinese have little interest in becoming civil servants.

“The Chinese prefer working in the private sector because of higher salaries,” he said.

“Are Malays incapable of working? Can government offices not function without them? Is the government administration so disrupted?” he later questioned.

He also claimed that non-Chinese workers faced discrimination in the private sector, emphasizing that most private sectors require applicants to speak Chinese.

“Other groups are burdened by ‘requirements’ such as mandating Mandarin proficiency, it only adds pressure on the Bumiputera,” he added.

He urged the government to explore alternative strategies to elevate civil service standards, such as introducing additional incentives to nurture a more enthusiastic workforce.