eTesting eradicates bribery for future drivers

Transport Minister Loke Siew Fook believes that the implementation of an electronic driving test system (eTesting) will effectively eradicate bribery and uphold the integrity of exams.

The etesting system will be introduced at three driving institutes next month according to Loke, he later added that candidates may take the regular driving test or opt for eTestin1g.

He claimed that the e testing will show the driving result immediately, thus eliminating the possibility of bribery. 

“However, candidates are granted a free retest on the same day if they fail, with the option to retest specific sections rather than the entire exam,” he said in a statement.

He emphasized the benefits of the e testing system, noting that candidates will no longer need to wait in queues.

He goes on to say that while the implementation of electronic testing is not yet mandatory, it will be enforced nationwide by 2030. 

During electronic testing, there will no longer be examiners in the passenger seat; instead, candidates will drive alone while examiners monitor from a control room, reducing human interaction.