Malaysia to reconvene search ops for MH370 if there are compelling evidence

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim confirmed that his government would consider reconvening search operations for the ill fated MH370 that had disappeared a decade ago.

“We have taken the position that if the compelling case, evidence, that needs to be reopened, we will certainly be happy to reopen,” Anwar told reporters when asked about the matter, quoted The Australian.

“I don’t think it’s … a technical issue. It is an issue affecting (the) lives of people and whatever needs to be done must be done.”

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese acknowledged that the prolonged missing plane has put those who lost their family and friends in a “difficult period”.

“We acknowledge at this time the ongoing grief for loved ones and deeply regret the aircraft has been unable to be located despite the extensive searches,” Mr Albanese said alongside his Malaysian counterpart.

“We understand that at this time, it will be a very difficult time for people because they are not given the certainty that would come with a successful search mission.