Don’t impose your problems upon us, US

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim defended his Sinophobia remark in view of the growing competition between China and the United States.

He also underlined the fact that Malaysia is free to trade with any of its trading partners.

“We are fiercely independent. We do not want to be dictated by any force while we remain to be an important friend to the US and Australia.

“They should not preclude us from being friendly to one of our important neighbours. Precisely China, that was the context,” Anwar said while responding to the questions from the Australian media.

Anwar who is currently on a four day working trip in Australia had earlier pointed the issue of Sinophobia.

“If they have problems with China, they should not impose it upon us. We do not have a problem with China.”

China is one of the first major countries that Anwar visited after becoming the prime minister.

He obtained an investment commitment amounting upto RM170 billion from Beijing last year.