Anwar: Containing China isn’t the way forward

Containing China’s rise in view of growing competition with the US is not the way forward, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“In their eyes, the adverse reactions to China’s rise – militarily, economically and technologically – represent nothing less than an attempt to deny their legitimate place in history.

“The obstacles being placed against China’s economic and technological advancement will only further accentuate such grievances.

“Nevertheless, while we are confronted with a situation of contending perceptions, I do not for one moment suggest that we may turn a blind eye to behaviour or action that is not in consonance with international law and norms.”

He said this while delivering the 2024 Gareth Evans oration on the topic, Navigating Geopolitical Currents: Malaysia and Australia’s Pivotal Role in the Asia Pacific at the Australian National University.

He also noted the elevation of Malaysia – Australia relations that has been upgraded to a comprehensive strategic partnership with emphasis on shared regional aspirations and multilateral level strategic cooperation.