Jewellery shop employee gets brand new Proton X50

A jewellery shop employee of TianSi Jewellery who goes by the name of Ni Ai Ni on Xiaohongshu was surprised to received an unexpected gift from her employee – a brand new Proton X50.

Xiaohongshu is the TikTok equivalent used by the Chinese community.

“Very grateful to be working at a good company, my boss always kept to his promises to their employees. I’ve been with the company for a decade, during which I’ve had chances to broaden my horizons.

“These opportunities include sponsored courses that are worth more than five figures, fully paid trips and pocket money,” she said in a Xiaohongshu post.

She also mentioned in the post that she managed to buy two houses and two cars while working there, and she was able to provide a good life for her family.

“I am truly content with what I have achieved”, she said in the post.

The jewellery company meanwhile took it to LinkedIn in appreciating their employee’s dedication and contribution.

“At TIANSI, we believe that excellence should not only be recognized but celebrated. Today, we are thrilled to announce that one of our esteemed team members has become the proud owner of a new X50, in recognition of their relentless efforts and significant contributions to the company!”

“This X50 is not just a symbol of our gratitude for their continuous contributions but also an investment in our culture of excellence and team spirit.

“Their story inspires each one of us, reminding us that through collaboration, innovation, and commitment, anything is possible.

“At TIANSI, we are committed to creating an environment where everyone feels valued, inspired, and recognized.

“By celebrating moments like this, we not only show our respect for individual achievements but also showcase our corporate culture and values to the world, ” the company said via LinkedIn.”