Orang Asli lass builds dream home, thanks to TikTok

Nur Rafidah Ma, a 26-year-old Orang Asli woman hailing from the Jahut tribe, and living in Kampung Penderas, Kuala Krau defied expectations and built her dream home through the power of TikTok.

Through her @Jungle Girl account, Nur Rafidah captivated nearly 60,000 followers with her authentic portrayal of daily life intertwined with Orang Asli customs, set against the backdrop of her serene village tranquillity.

She began her business journey last November by crafting and selling products sourced from forest resources such as Kacip Fatimah, Tongkat Ali, and honey. Little did she know that this venture would not only provide a sustainable income but also pave the way for the realization of her dream home by May.

Reflecting on her journey, she credits her newfound confidence to a multimedia and digital business workshop facilitated by a dedicated special education teacher at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Kuala Krau in June and August last year.

She was sceptical at first, when she embarked on her TikTok odyssey, harnessing the power of video recording, editing techniques, and captivating content titles imparted during the workshop. What began as a leap of faith blossomed into a thriving enterprise, boasting sales of over 9,000 units of her meticulously crafted herbal products.

“Initially, I doubted if I could do it, but after the first time I did it and saw the results of the commission I got, I felt motivated, and without thinking twice I did it consistently.

“After that, I started doing business as an affiliate, by involving promotion activities and direct sales of other products, such as food and skincare, to get a side commission,” she told Bernama recently.

“I did not expect my attempt to be successful, and I never thought I would be able to generate more income compared with my previous job,” she also commented.