Apple struggling in their sales in China

Nanyang Daily headlined Apple’s recent sales struggle in China led to a $490 million settlement after investors accused CEO Tim Cook of concealing declining iPhone demand.

Kwong Wah Daily frontpaged five-star hotel restrooms in SJK(C) Chung Kwok leaving visitors utterly mesmerised.

Sin Chew Daily headlined UMNO Youth chief Mohamad Akmal demanding apologies hung in 881 KK Marts outlets nationwide or face boycotts even though KK Mart’s founder apologised for selling socks with the ‘Allah’ word.

The sexual harassment case involving a male doctor at the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital based on an anonymous letter that went viral on social media is the headlines in Guang Ming Daily.

China Press headlined Perak Police creating a major blow to drug trafficking on 16 March. Two suspects were detained and 51.501 kgs of Methamphetamine worth RM2.57 million were confiscated.

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