Business slowdown due to a plethora of issues

Slow business in view of the upcoming Aidilfitri celebrations, especially in the wholesale sectors are caused by the consumers wait and see attitude and worsened by high living costs, delayed consumption and cautious spending, Nanyang Daily front paged.

Deputy Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Shamsul Anuar Nasarah’s confirmation that his ministry would probe KK Mart convenience store over the socks with “Allah” word is the headlines in Sin Chew Daily.

A surge in water usage in Penang of upto 927 litres daily in Penang is the main story in Kwong Wah Daily. Authorities have been calling for a 10 percent reduction to avoid shortage. They are also calling for water conservation measures to be practiced.

China Press headlined Malaysian based green-tech firm Graphjet Tech debuts on NASDAQ, surging 18% on opening day with $17.25B market cap, propelled by unique palm oil-derived materials.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s call to prioritise ethics among civil servants on issues of governance, justice and policy making over trivial matters, Guang Ming headlined.