Car gets a Final Destination episode

Looks like we’ve got ourselves a real-life ‘Final Destination’ situation, folks, due to betel nut trees turning adventurous.

Picture this: a car parked by the roadside suddenly gets a surprise visit from a betel nut tree stalk – piercing right through its windshield! But here’s the silver lining: nobody was inside the car at the time!

A recent viral video posted on the Klang People Facebook group by a Facebook user who goes by the name Xu Ming Fa shows the shocking scene of this nearly 2-meter-long stalk impaling a Peroduo Bezza, all the way to the passenger seat.

In the footage, our brave filmer attempts a heroic tug-of-war with the stubborn stalk, but alas, it proves too heavy to budge.

While it’s still a mystery whether this drama unfolded in Klang or elsewhere, one thing’s for sure: the internet can’t get enough of it! With over 9k views and counting, netizens are buzzing with excitement.

Some suggest the car owner should cash in on this bizarre event and claim some sweet compensation from the city council.

“Is the parking spot legal?

“If yes, then you can claim it with the city council,” suggested by Facebook user who goes by Eric Houng.

“So heavy, getting hit on the head would also result in death,” said one Facebook user Hoe Kim May.

“Ah, the wonders of nature! Who knew betel nut trees could be so adventurous?