Apply for good courses in other universities too – Senator C Sivaraj

Senator C Sivaraj has advised students applying for admission into public universities to apply for good courses instead of focusing on the top five universities.

“I met the director and deputy director of the University Intake Unit (UPU). He told me that about 8,000 students score 8As annually,” he said via TikTok.

“Not all of them can gain entry into the top five universities. Apply for good courses in other universities too.

“He guaranteed that all qualified students will gain admission.”

Sivaraj also explained education opportunities for those who have mediocre results.

“If you got three credits, join a community college. Gain a certificate, diploma and you can eventually go to a university.

“You can also apply to a polytechnic.”

He also revealed another reason as to why many are left disappointed.

“Many applicants fill up the forms wrongly. Please fill it up as required,” he told Harapan Daily.

The first phase of university application ends on 29 March.

The current intake are for Asasi, certificate, diploma and first degree programmes in 20 public universities, 36 polytechnics, 105 community colleges and four public training skills institutes.

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