Cease exploiting socks with Allah word, Akmal

Mydin hypermarket boss Ameer Ali Mydin called for an end to the exploitation of socks with Allah word issue by Umno youth chief, Dr Akmal Saleh. for the sake of narrow political agenda. He added that political parties also should steer away from 3R issues.

“Both KK Mart and the vendor have apologised. What else do you expect them to do?” Ameer said while acknowledging that the issue was a serious matter.

“Why is he still kicking up a fuss?” said Ameer Ali Mydin, reported FMT.

“Political parties should distance themselves from 3R (race, religion and royalty) issues and we should not pour oil on the flames,” he added.

Ameer, who is also president of the Bumiputera Retailers Association, added that Akmal’s push for a public boycott of KK Mart, even after the company apologised, could harm investor trust and jeopardise the jobs of many Malay-Muslim employees.

He added that escalating the matter, particularly for political gain, is unnecessary.

On March 13, social media went frenzy as images of socks emblazoned with the word “Allah” being retailed at KK Mart in Bandar Sunway went viral. That hit a raw nerve among Malaysia’s Muslim populace.

Since then KK Mart has apologised, and the supplier, Xin Jian Chang Sdn Bhd, had to temporarily shut down after its business licence was revoked by Batu Pahat Municipal Council (MPBP).

Umno Youth chief Dr Akmal Salleh, as reported by multiple media outlets, sharply criticised KK Mart, claimed that the apology was and urged a widespread boycott.