Remembering Lee Kee Hiong


Lee Kee Hiong is a woman of substance. Like many DAP leaders, she never set out to lead from the front but lead from behind by supporting the party leadership.

But circumstances compelled her to be at the forefront. She was part of the DAP’s transition from being the largest opposition party to the largest component of the unity government in Putrajaya. And Kee Hiong not only took the challenge but she performed her duty well.

Taking up the difficult rural seat of Kuala Kubu Baru she won her seat three times. Never a traditional DAP seat, she won the hearts of her voters from all three races for her dedicated and diligent service.

She did everything with quiet passion. From her early education in Melaka to her university career in University Malaya where she earned her Masters, she excelled. She may not make friends easily but friends remember her fierce loyalty. She may not be there when you are doing well but she will stand with you when the chips are down.

DAP is lucky to have her. We will miss her. Kee Hiong will always live in our hearts and we will do our best to complete her task of serving her constituents. Let us celebrate Lee Kee Hiong with her spirit motivating us further.

I would like to mention the other passion in her life, her devoted husband Ah Huei. Ah Huei was her rock that she relied on in good times and bad times. You were just so good for each other. Without Ah Huei, Kee Hiong would not be able to do what she did. So the party thank you Ah Huei for your support and understanding to help your wife to be an exemplary Assemblyperson and member in the DAP.

I will not forget Kee Hiong’s unquestioned support. Even she may not agree with you, she will always be there as a friend. Sleep well Kee Hiong, you deserve your rest. As your return to the Lord Jesus and take your place in his embrace, you shall enjoy eternal life as well as in our hearts.

LIM GUAN ENG is the national chairman of the DAP. The above is his speech in remembering the late Lee Kee Hiong, Kuala Kubu Baharu state assemblyperson who passed away on 21 March.