Report the bandicoot rat, raps the rapper

Popular singer and rapper Santesh has made a new song, where he urges the Indian community to lodge reports against a converted preacher who has been mocking the Hindu faith.

The 2:51 minutes home made Tamil music video is entitled “Convert Panna Paakuraan”. Literally it means, ‘He is trying to convert you’.

While Santesh doesn’t mention names, he describes the person as a bandicoot rat.

He questioned why is the person dragging the Hindus into this issue when there are multitude of issues that can be talked about.

The lyrics are pretty straight forward. The following are some of the translated lyrics:

“You have not seen God. Neither have I.

“You read something half way and began howling on the street. That ain’t fair.

“Speak with conscience.”

Santesh croons that the person is talking ill of the Hindu faith and urges the public to lodge reports against this particular individual who is a converted Muslim preacher.

Santesh also pointed out the act of insulting Hinduism persist even though there is a government and there are authorities.

The song has been shared on Youtube, Facebook and TikTok. On Youtube, the song has 48,000 views with 481 comments.

In a related development, a group of Indian federal lawmakers – both from Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara questioned why the authorities have not taken action against converted Muslim preacher Muhammad Zamri Vinoth yesterday.

Hundreds of police reports have been reported against Zamri.

Zamri had recently described the Shivalinga in an insulting manner and the video clips had gone viral.

It is not the first time Zamri has ridiculed the Hindu faith.