Wriggling maggots for lunch, anyone?

In a recent dining escapade gone awry, a Malaysian found himself in a stomach-churning showdown with an unexpected dining companion during lunch – wriggling maggots!

Can you believe it?

Unable to stomach the ordeal, Facebook user Justin Power decided to share his experience on a Chinese Facebook group, JB 新山吹水站2.0 that means JB Johor Bahru Chit-chat Spot 2.0 recounted the shocking episode that unfolded on Monday, March 25th.

“After taking lamb, potatoes, and salted eggs, I paid and began eating, only to discover something moving halfway through.

“Turns out, underneath the salted egg yolks were maggots. I was truly left speechless,” he said in the post which was accompanied by pictures of his food with maggots.

Quick on his feet, Justin wasted no time alerting the stall and they offered a free replacement meal, pressing for time and not wanting to turn the issue into a drama, Justin reluctantly accepted the offer.

“I don’t want trouble, so I opted for rice with lamb and potatoes. I didn’t dare to take the salted eggs. But even after eating, I was even more disappointed with their practices,” he said in the post.

Even though he got a replacement meal, Justin was concerned by how the stall owner handled the situation.

“The salted eggs I took had worms, they were the leftover unsold salted eggs.

“They couldn’t be bothered to dispose of them, it is shameful how they continue to sell them.

“Even for a simple mixed rice dish, one still has to worry about hygiene issues,” he said.

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