Kelly Chen’s Musang King mishap at the airport

Renowned Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actress Kelly Chen revealed her love for durians during her captivating Season Two World Tour Concert on March 29 in Malaysia.

Amidst the fervent applause, she eagerly sought recommendations beyond the famed Musang King, and her followers resoundingly endorsed Black Thorn.

During her subsequent concert on the 30th, Chen candidly envied Malaysians, relishing the privilege of indulging in durian year-round. With a playful tone, she humorously said durian consumption might lead to an acne outbreak.

Concerns about potential acne outbreaks prompted fans to offer remedies such as herbal tea and eating 10 mangosteen. Kelly, visibly surprised by the suggested remedy of consuming 10 mangosteens per durian, quipped, “No wonder you look like that, brother!”

Kelly later recounted a memorable incident involving her voracious consumption of Musang King.

“Years ago, my first taste of Musang King in Malaysia was unforgettable. I couldn’t stop eating it and even filled my entire suitcase to take back to Hong Kong. Little did I know, durians couldn’t be brought onto the plane!” she said, as reported by China Press.

She and her crew have to finish all the durians to avoid wastage, she said.

“Luckily, nowadays durians can be vacuum-packed,” she said.

She later jokingly asked the audience to buy some for her.After the concert concluded, Kelly Chen and her band members bowed in gratitude, with Chen jokingly exclaiming, “Two nights of shows done, now I can finally eat durian!” One enthusiastic fan even gave her a durian egg tart to enjoy.