Israeli claims detained due to betrayal of weapon dealers

China Press headlined that the Israeli man who was apprehended by the police claimed to have come to Malaysia to pursue his enemies. He asserts that he was only caught because he was betrayed by weapon dealers.

Nanyang Daily, Guang Ming Daily and Sin Chew Daily headlined that Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) Chief Statistician Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin saying that even without registering on the Central Database Hub (Padu) system, individuals will still find their basic information automatically logged into the database.

Kwong Wah Daily headlined that Pas wouldn’t join the boycott movement against K K Mart, said Pas Ulama wing chief, Datuk Ahmad Yahaya.


Sin Chew Daily editorial informed that the entry of an Israeli man using a French passport into our country is a concern. Authorities must tighten border control to prevent similar incidents.

Nanyang Daily editorial informed that more than 300,000 people commute daily between Singapore and Johor. Immigration checkpoints serve as the nation’s first impression, reflecting efficiency and attitude towards service.

Immigration officers play a crucial role and question whether immigration officers should remain indifferent during congested periods or do their best to resolve the issue.

On March 28, a precedent was set with the highest number of people crossing from Singapore’s Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints into Johor Bahru, causing traffic congestion.