A message behind Namewee’s funeral stunt

Local rapper and filmmaker Namewee isn’t dead.

Namewee clarified in a Facebook post today that he opted to have his so-called ‘funeral’ on April 1st to make a statement. In the same Facebook post, he said that April 4th is the Qing Ming festival.

“I want to reiterate once again that although this event is scheduled on April Fools’ Day, we are not joking. This is a solemn occasion.

“We’ve chosen to hold this funeral on April 1st because it coincides with April Fools’ Day, and April 4th, which follows, marks the Qing Ming Festival.

“We intend to encourage everyone to approach this event with a lighter heart, breaking through cultural taboos and bravely confronting both life and death.

“Let’s conscientiously plan our end-of-life arrangements, sparing our loved ones from unnecessary burdens and sorrow.

“This, ultimately, is our true purpose,” he said.

Qing Ming or Cheng Beng is a Chinese equivalent festival to All Souls Day.

Namewee revealed that he felt fortunate to be able to see his own funeral and experience things that others cannot.

“The ultimate realization in life is that no matter how great things you do, no matter how great a person you become, you will eventually die.

“We don’t need to please anyone; just brave enough to do the right thing and fulfil our own mission is enough,” he said.

He also revealed that last year he faced pressures from all directions, as he struggled with health issues and losses, making him realise the importance of pre-death planning.

“Throughout last year, I experienced a whirlwind of events, facing pressures from all directions, with my physical health issues that led me to multiple visits to the emergency room.

“Alongside these challenges, I bid farewell to many friends, my cherished pet of 13 years, and witnessed the passing of numerous public figures.

“All of this leaves us catches us off guard.

“It was a wake-up call for me, highlighting the crucial importance of “pre-planning” for life’s uncertainties, he said.

That is why he wrote a song, filmed a music video, and planned a pre-funeral ceremony.

He also intends to turn it into a documentary to share the concept of “pre-death planning” with the public.

“We are about to launch a pre-funeral farewell documentary, and the latest music video When I’m Gone also premiere on April 4, 2024, at 4:44 pm (444444),” he wrote in a Facebook post.

In Chinese culture, the number 4 is often considered unlucky and is often associated with death, that is why many people avoid using the number 4 and often replace it with the number “3A”.