Employees’ nightmare: CEO Yang’s sinister tactics revealed!

Gyeonggi Province in South Korea is reeling from the scandal surrounding a morally bankrupt CEO, known only as Yang, who runs a company that produces adult toys.

“Quickly go in and have sex” or “hurry up and finish!” Yang would blatantly say to his employees as revealed by employees according to ETtoday.

If they refused, Yang would threaten them for various reasons to the extent of cutting their salaries or firing them.

Moreover, Yang would secretly film sexual encounters on-site, intending to use them as leverage against employees in the future.

One victim also disclosed that Yang once commented how thin she was, then proceeded to grope her from behind, exclaiming, “Wow, it’s really this big!”Yang also resorted to reprehensible tactics.

He manipulated employees into participating in explicit acts on company premises and used the footage to blackmail them.

Adding insult to injury, Yang cunningly distributed luxury items as workplace incentives, deceiving staff into thinking the company was thriving financially. He then exploited their trust with false promises of investments, tricking these unsuspecting employees into investing in his company, ultimately allowing him to amass wealth.

He squandered most of the money, using what was left to pay employee salaries. As for his promise to invest in new companies or give bonuses to employees, none of that materialized.

Due to business failures, Yang even resorted to withholding wages at one point.

So it came as no surprise last week, that Yang was arrested by police on charges of sexual violence, harassment, and fraud involving 400 million South Korean won (approximately RM1,405,372).