Namewee is just having fun on April Fools Day

Local rapper and filmmaker defended his latest video promotion stunt as ‘having fun on April Fools Day following criticism against him.

“Oh, come on! What’s wrong with promoting my new song?

“Do you have any issues with that, or do you want to help pay for the promotion?” He said via an Instagram story post.

“Hey, aren’t those media outlets, haters, and a few damn influencers also just riding the wave for attention? Don’t act like you’re all high and mighty. Geliā€¦, ” he said.

He said that people are meant to have fun on April Fool’s Day.

“Isn’t April Fools’ Day meant for everyone to have some fun or should we wait until Mid-Autumn Festival to enjoy ourselves?

“So, on April Fools’ Day, would you believe me if I said my penis is 30cm tall?” He said, giving an example of an April Fool’s joke.

“Besides, our farewell ceremony wasn’t a joke, we were serious about it,” he said.

Namewee simply believed that this society could benefit from a bit more humour and creativity.

“I’m willing to invest my own money in promoting things I find meaningful. I want to do it my way and break from the norm, as long as I’m not spending your money,” he said.

On April Fool’s Day, Namewee posted an obituary for himself on Facebook, many were sceptical of his supposed death, later it was revealed to be the only publicity stunt for his new video titled ‘When I’m Gone’.

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