Namewee’s stunt was for ‘When I’m Gone’

Namewee’s farewell gathering at Nirvana Memorial Hall was meant to seek sponsorship for his music video entitled When I’m Gone, China Press headlined. The spotlight caused by Namewee also thrusted Nirvana Asia Group into the limelight.

While local CEOs are optimistic over the nation’s economic outlook, they are grappling over the hike in service tax to eight percent and the electronic invoice policy that is set to kick off in August, reported Nanyang Daily.

Kwong Wah Daily headlined allegations that traffic summonses are being issued to meet key performance indicators (KPIs). Transport Minister Anthony Loke denied the allegations.

Sin Chew Daily headlined Malaysian Human Resources Minister Steven Sim Chee Keong concerns over the Chinese community’s view of vocational education as inferior, leading to just 1% of Malaysian Chinese kids enrolling in the technical and vocational education programs offered by the Human Resources Department Training Institute (ILJTM) under the Human Resources Development Fund.

Guang Ming Daily headlined that a spirit medium with a history of sexual assault, unrepentant, used “divine possession for healing” as an excuse, to sexually assault a foreign woman.


Sin Chew Daily called for proactive essential measures to be undertaken aside from curbing boycotts to prevent the escalation of Molotov cocktail attacks on KK Mart.

Nanyang Daily pointed out that Umno Youth chief Dr Akmal Salleh is the one who fanned the flames by rallying the public against KK Mart. He was responsible sowing the seeds of unrest