VChuen Chen concerned over Taiwan earthquake victims

Taiwan based Malaysian singer VChuan Chen is very concerned over the condition of Taiwan people who experienced a 7.5 Richter scale earthquake that hit the eastern shores of Taiwan.

He described it as the worst earthquake he has experienced.

“What a powerful earthquake! And just now, another one just happened. Is everyone safe?” he asked via Facebook shortly after the Taiwan earthquake struck with an earthquake.

“This is really the worst earthquake I have experienced,” he said based on the years that he has spent in Taiwan.

“… everyone should be safe, and my prayers go out to the Hualien,” VChuan expressed while extending solidarity to those affected, particularly to the Hualien region.

“I saw some photos of leaning, collapsed or damaged buildings this morning,” he wrote, emphasizing in the same Facebook post that nothing is more important than everyone’s safety.

He also revealed that he lost some of his prized possessions like a trophy from an award show.

“When I arrived at the office, some items and equipment fell over during the shaking.

“Many cabinets swung open, and even the Metro Radio Mandarin Hits Music Awards Presentation trophy I received from Hong Kong’s Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited was shattered,” he said.

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